Microdermabrasion Treatment

Microdermabrasion is performed with jets of microcrystals, which is vaccumed across the skin through a delicate hand piece, removing the dead and damaged skin cells. The mineral crystals are shot against the skin and suctioned up along with dry, dead skin cells that are loosened. The technique is so gentle it has been described as "sandblasting with velvet" and results in superficial skin polishing. In as little as a few minutes this gentle abrasive technique efficiently produces satisfying results.


Eyebrows: $12, Upper Lips: $6, Forehead: $6, Cheecks: $6, Sideburns: $8, Chin/Full Chin: $8 / $15, Full Face: $45

Special Price

Eyebrows & Upper Lips Threading: $13


Eyebrows: $15, Upper Lips: $8, Forehead: $8, Sideburns: $8, Chin/FullChin: $8/$15,
Neck: $15, Full Face: $40, Cheeks: $8, Under Arms: $15, Full Arms/ Half Arms: $30/$15,
Full Legs/ Half Legs: 450/$25, Full Back/Half Back: $50/$25, Stomatch: $25, Bikini Line: $25,
Bikini Plus: $30, Brazilian $55 up


Basic Facial: 45min $45

European Facial: 60min $55

Special Price

6 Facials, Get 1 Free


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